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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Second Post in English

Hello there readers, this is my second post in english since my review on Why I use english on my review? Because, the review can only accepted if I post it in english. And also, I think I need to improve my english skill so that many advetiser offer me a opporunity for reviewing. Sadly, there is no offer for my blog yet since that one. So, i had a thought if I can posting in good english, more offer will coming to my blog.

Because I'm not usual posting in english, sorry if my post is a little bit confusing. I hope I'll get more offer more often than before. Wish me luck!

Yesterday is my very strange moment. I've got a news about UN Vaganza that I should attend at 6.30 pm. That was writed at a letter I've got 2 days ago, but I'm not read it yet. Because, I'm gave the letter immediately without read the letter first. So hell yeah I don't know anything about UN Vaganza that held in Ganesha Operation. That activity is about giving their student a discussion about the answer key of Try Out last week.

My school over in 2 pm, what should I do to spending time until the time that UN Vaganza was started? After the school time is over, I met Taufik and he suggedted me to go to CMD (the most popular internet caffee around the school) with him. I agreed, and we've go to CMD immediately. Because if we not hurry, the internet caffee will full of customer so that we can't played in there. Well, that really happening. CMD was full of customer so we go to Dago Plaza. Again, the Dago Plaza also full of customer so we decided to went back to the school. After arrived at school, I had a thought for browsing internet in internet caffe beside Warteg Bahari. We browsed long enough for realize that the time is almost 6.30 pm. We went back to school and met some friends. We played football in there until the time was come. When UN Vaganza almost started, we went to Ganesha Operation and prayed. After that, I went to room 403 while Taufik went to lower floor. This time, UN Vaganza gave a discussion about science, and a few times later the UN Vaganza was over.

I received a call from my mother, she told me for went outside so my mother can picked me up.

The end, how do you feel about my story? Is this bad? Or the language is messed out?

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